New updates and improvements to Vepaar

  1. Vepaar fala a sua língua! Nosso aplicativo móvel já está disponível em português! 🚀🎉





    Para aceder à App Portuguesa Vepaar, faça o download da versão mais recente disponível na App Store ou Google Play. Alternativamente, você pode optar por navegar até o menu de configurações e selecionar o Portuguesa como seu idioma preferido. 🤩


    Vepaar speaks your language! Our mobile app is now available in Portuguese! 🚀🎉

    To access the Portuguese Vepaar App, kindly proceed by downloading the most recent version available on the App Store or Google Play. Alternatively, you may opt to navigate to the settings menu and select Portuguese as your preferred language. 🤩

  2. Introducing Our New Focused Solutions: Strategically separated CRM and Store



    We're excited to announce a major update: To better meet your business needs, we've strategically restructured our Vepaar brand into two distinct offerings: CRM and Store.



    🔹 Vepaar CRM: 

    🔹 Vepaar Store: 


    What to Expect:

    ✅ Seamless transition with no changes to your current subscriptions, data, or support services.

    📱 Coming Soon: Dedicated mobile apps for Vepaar Store and Vepaar CRM to enhance your on-the-go accessibility!


  3. Vepaar parle votre langue! Notre application mobile est désormais disponible en français ! 📢



    Pour accéder à l'application française Vepaar, veuillez procéder en téléchargeant la version la plus récente disponible sur l'App Store ou Google Play. Alternativement, vous pouvez choisir d'accéder au menu des paramètres et de sélectionner le français comme langue préférée. 🤩


    Vepaar speaks your language! Our mobile app is now available in French! 🚀🎉


    To access the French Vepaar App, kindly proceed by downloading the most recent version available on the App Store or Google Play. Alternatively, you may opt to navigate to the settings menu and select French as your preferred language. 🤩


  4. Booming ahead with 9K Fam Jam in Vepaar Community!



    Vepaar Community 9k Follower Poster

    🎉 Hey Vepaar Fam! 🎉


    Guess what? We just hit 9000 members! 🚀🎈


    Big shoutout to each one of you awesome peeps for making Vepaar Community the coolest place to be! 🙌🥳


    Let's crank up the celebration vibes! 🎊🎉 So, Follow and Get ready for some fun surprises and exclusive content coming your way. 🎁✨


    Here's to us, the 9000-strong crew! 🥂🚀


  5. Salesforce + WhatsApp = Get ready to explode your sales pipeline!

    Announcement Banner


    Vepaar is launching a groundbreaking integration on Product Hunt, combining Salesforce with WhatsApp to streamline lead and contact management for faster deal closures.


    Join us to upvote, share, and witness the future of sales on Product Hunt, plus enjoy exclusive discounts on the innovative offering!


    Following feature request is now shipped 🚀


    Product Image & Image SEO

    We are using 1080 x 1080 Images but still it looks blur and while upload it is also not showing skip crop options and we had to crop all manually and which is not perfect. Also when you upload image, it renames the image and loosing on image SEO, We worked a lot to name the images and unfortunately it is changing the whole image name and making it unfriendly to SEO. Solution should be Use image i n square and skip crop Don't rename images Please check this :)

    Anonymous Bongo



    Note under order status visible to the customer

    if any note is added under the order status, kindly make it visible to the customer. This can help alot when it comes to share order status details ( example : when order status is converted to SHIPPED - tracking ID can be sharred in notes ).

    Anonymous Ferret



  6. HubSpot + WhatsApp Integration is live on Product Hunt. 🚀



    Exciting news! 🎉

    We're thrilled to announce that Vepaar's powerful HubSpot Integration is now published on Product Hunt. Be among the first to explore this seamless connection between HubSpot and WhatsApp!

    Your support doesn't go unnoticed. As a token of our gratitude, exclusive benefits await those who show their love on Product Hunt. Your upvote can significantly impact us, and we'd be honored to have your vote.


    Let's    Upvote now and be part of our journey on Product Hunt. 🙌🏻


  7. 🖤 Black Friday Sale 🤑

    Vepaar 30% Off  Post

    Get 30% Off On Any Yearly Plans!

    Save big with code TGIBF30. Limited time only! 🎁 #BlackFridayDeal


  8. Special pricing, rolling in! 🌟

    New Feature
    Pricing Banner

    Now you can set special pricing for your special customers with our exciting feature!


    With the Tiered Pricing Feature, you can offer different rates to your loyal users, retailers, wholesalers, and general customers. 🛍️

    Head here to learn more. 



  9. Navigate your way with Category Navigation! 🗺️

    New Feature
    Sub Category & Navigation Banner


    ✨ Now you can customize your head menu with tailor-made categories & sub-categories. Subsequently, you can add custom pages and URLs and link the existing pages for a seamless user experience.


    Head here to check how to set your Tailor-made Menu here.



    Sub Category

    Currently, We can add only a Category for all products. There is no option to add sub category.

    Kaushal Gajjar