New updates and improvements to Vepaar

  1. Product_View_02

    Now you can set the default products view on your store. You can select List, Compact, or Grid view, which will design your store more attractive & helps to attract more customers.


    Product display setting

    Can we be able to set our product view to list or grid for our customers. According to majority preference

    Gloria A



  2. template-02

    Send your customers WhatsApp Notifications based on their order status activity. You can also get notified on WhatsApp when your customer places an order on your online store. 💬

    This feature is by default enabled, and you don't need to do anything. 🤘🏼

    These notifications will be sent automatically via Vepaar's Official WhatsApp API Number, and to send automatic messages, make sure you have credits in your account.


  3. template-02

    Store Banners are the very first and big picture that your customers can see when opening your store. It helps to promote your latest offers & let customers know about your offering & increases the sales.

    Currently, you can upload upto 3 banners. If you have not setup your banners, we recommend to setup asap ⚡️


  4. template-02

    Product reviews allow you or your customer to add reviews to your products.

    This provides a way for your customers to engage with you, as well as each other to encourage sales.

    This feature is by default enabled and you don't need to do anything.

    Your customers need to verify their mobile number with OTP for placing the review. The verification is required to avoid spam reviews.

    So make sure you have credits in your account to receive Product Reviews.

    The reviews are by default in an unpublished state.

    You can approve the reviews manually to list them publicly.


  5. address-list-02

    To make checkout faster and easier, now users can save addresses in their accounts and select any of them at checkout.

    While checking out, users can also add a new address if required.

    Guest users will be able to checkout out normally via filling out the address form.

    Following feature request is now shipped 🚀


    Address Management

    Allow customer to manage address in Store. Once address is added, User can select the same address on next order

    Kaushal Gajjar



  6. sitemap-02

    A sitemap is a blueprint of your website that helps search engines find, crawl, and index all of your website’s content. Sitemaps also tell search engines which pages on your site are most important. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing use your sitemap to find different pages on your site.

    Vepaar now automatically creates a sitemap of your store with all the links to your products & categories. This will help search engines to crawl your data faster and drive traffic from search engines to your stores.

    You will find a sitemap URL under your Vepaar account. Once you have the store ready, you can copy the sitemap URL and submit it to Google by visiting this link.

    The following feature request is shipped now 🚀


    Sitemap for Google Search Console

    Sitemap to submit on Google Search Console

    Anonymous Cat



  7. Activity in CRM

    New Feature

    We aim to create a full-fledged CRM on the world's most popular messaging platform - WhatsApp.

    Thus we have added a most important and core feature to the CRM which is: Contact Activity

    Contact Activity is available in the dedicated tab in Chrome Extension when you select a contact. You can also check and create activities from Vepaar Web.

    Notes are a great way to summarize your observations on customer and prospect interactions and outcomes. By saving notes as CRM data, a sales rep will always be able to keep track of how a sale is progressing.

    Currently, the Activity supports:

    • Notes: You can add multiple notes under contact and keep track of your conversation and summary.

    In future releases we will add:

    • Reminder: Set a reminder for following up with the customer.
    • Meeting: Create & schedule meetings with the customer.

    With this release, the following feature requests are marked as shipped:


    Able to Add Multiple Notes in CRM

    Currently, we are just able to add note once then you are allow to update it only. We want that we are able to add multiple notes with specific date and time.

    Harsh V



  8. digital-product-02

    Now you can sell digital products on Vepaar ✨

    Upload your files securely with Vepaar Digital Product and list them for selling on the store. The files can only be accessed by the customers who have paid for the product. You can sell almost anything with the Digital Product.

    Few examples:

    • E-Books
    • Video Tutorials
    • Digital Services
    • Online Consultation
    • Software & Licence Keys

    We hope this feature will help the creators build their ecosystem to generate revenue without hefty commissions.

    This release marks the following feature request as shipped 🚚


    Digital Products

    Support for downloadable product similar to

    Kaushal Gajjar



  9. receipt-sizes-02

    No matter how you're using Vepaar for your business. Either it is a Restaurant, a Fashion Store, or a Gadgets Shop. We have features that cover all of the use cases.

    Now you can print order receipts in different sizes at any time by visiting the order page.

    We support the following sizes of PDF:

    • A4: For ink-based printers
    • 80mm: For Thermal printers
    • 58mm: For Thermal printers


    As a community-driven platform, we've shipped the following feature request:


    Option for print invoice via Thermal Printer

    Give an option so we can print an invoice on Thermal Printer.

    Avraham L



  10. midtrans-02

    Now accept store order payments via one of Indonesia's popular merchant services Midtrans.

    Midtrans supports the following payment modes:

    • Credit/debit cards
    • e-Money
    • Virtual accounts
    • Over the Counter
    • Direct Debit
    • Cardless Credit

    Midtrans integration is easy and quick. Contact our support if you need any help regarding integration.


    Midtrans Payment Gateway (Indonesia)

    Indonesian Payment Gateway:

    Kaushal Gajjar