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This powerful feature on our Chrome Extension, will drastically improve your experience managing chats on WhatsApp.

The following tab filters out the chats in the sidebar so you can prioritize your tasks accordingly.

  • All: All the chats are there!
  • Unread: Shows only unread chats
  • Followup: The last message is sent by you. You might need to follow up with these chats.
  • Respond: The chats you have not responded to.
  • Contacts: The chats with the contacts which are saved on your Phone.
  • Unknown: The chats with the contacts which are not saved on your Phone.
  • Groups: Shows groups only (so that you can leave easily 😉)
  • Businesses: The contacts which are using WhatsApp Business App.
  • Enterprises: The chats are from the official WhatsApp API Numbers. These chats are generally from Bots.
  • Broadcasts: Shows broadcast lists only.

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The other major improvement is you can disable the extension temporarily if you wish without uninstalling it. This can help you when you want to switch between business and private communication.