Feature requests

  1. Sub Category

    Currently, We can add only a Category for all products. There is no option to add sub category.

    Kaushal Gajjar
    #New Feature 🆕


  2. Order Message in Multi Language

    Is it possible to develop a way to change the order message language that client receive in its whatsapp? At least in Spanish!

    #Improvement 👍


  3. Order Notifications on Email and WhatsApp

    On the change of the order status send an email/WhatsApp notification to end-users.

    Anonymous Cat
    #New Feature 🆕


  4. Link store to Instagram and Facebook Shops

    Would love to link my store directly to Facebook Shopping so products are automatically updated. customers can also be redirected to my website for checkout which will make shopping easy.

    Gloria A
    #New Feature 🆕#Integrations 🔗


  5. Customisation on Invoice

    Allow changing the title, fields of the invoice like Tax Invoice to Performa Invoice, or any fields like Invoice ID to Performa ID.

    Anonymous Cat


  6. Send Invoice to Customer through Email/WhatsApp

    Once customer email id etc available in CRM, it should allow us to send an invoice to the customer through email. It should automatically detect FROM and TO email addresses. And also, we can send the invoice automatically in WhatsApp.

    Ashay M


  7. Cost of products to calculate net profit

    HELLO 1-I would like to know if there a COST AND PROFIT option coming soon to products so we can enter the cost of the product to be able to know net profit from sales. 2-if there any upgrade soon regarding a theme for the website. thank you for your replies in advance , what an amazing website …

    Mohamad h
    #New Feature 🆕


  8. Reminder in CRM

    Add an option to set Reminder for any contact for which alert will be shown in Extension, Web and Mobile App before 10 mins of that Event/Meeting/Reminder. Ability to Add Title, Description Date & Time Status [Scheduled, Cancelled, Completed] There should be one calendar view as well to check the upcoming reminders. If we can add the Ticket Reminder as well inside this it will be great.

    Kaushal Gajjar
    #New Feature 🆕


  9. Schedule Messages

    The ability to schedule messages for WhatsApp for specific contacts, groups, or broadcast lists.

    Anonymous Chinook


  10. Custom Ad Banners in the Store

    We can have a banner at the beginning where we can show the offers of the month.

    Anonymous Goat


  11. Add Analytics to store

    Add some basic analytics for Store.

    Kaushal Gajjar
    #New Feature 🆕


  12. Product Video Option

    Instead of Images, allow users to upload the video for different products. It can increase the conversions on the store.

    Kaushal Gajjar
    #New Feature 🆕


  13. Digital Products

    Support for downloadable product similar to gumroad.com

    Kaushal Gajjar
    #New Feature 🆕


  14. Product Image & Image SEO

    We are using 1080 x 1080 Images but still it looks blur and while upload it is also not showing skip crop options and we had to crop all manually and which is not perfect. Also when you upload image, it renames the image and loosing on image SEO, We worked a lot to name the images and unfortunately it is changing the whole image name and making it unfriendly to SEO. Solution should be Use image i n square and skip crop Don't rename images Please check this :)

    Anonymous Bongo


  15. Konnectzit and pabbly connect integration

    Please provide integration for both automation. konnectzit are one of appsumo lifetime. Also pabbly connect has their lifetime deal as well. If using both with combine with vepaar would be great.

    Anonymous Dodo
    #Integrations 🔗