Feature requests


  1. Cost of products to calculate NET PROFIT

    Hi, I would like to suggest adding a feature to enter the cost of each product, so that vepar can calculate the Net Profit accordingly.

    Anonymous Dachshund
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  2. Order Message in Multi Language

    Is it possible to develop a way to change the order message language that client receive in its whatsapp? At least in Spanish!

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  3. Integration with Mercado Pago gateway (Brasil)

    Would it be possible to arrange for that, please?

    Anonymous Mule
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  4. Modify Column or Add Custom Column for Order Export

    Allow rearranging of column and options to add custom fields for order receipt downloads. The existing order receipt download layout is static. Introducing this feature allow users to customize columns (add/remove/rearrange) according to their requirements, enhances the flexibility of the order receipt function, catering to diverse users across various industries and roles.

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  5. Airtel Money Integration

    Paystack and flutterwave are not yet available across all Africa and are less popular and used than mobile money solutions everywhere in Africa. So your app loses all its interest without using payment solutions people use daily. It would be better and very useful if you add AirtelMoney API for all countries where services like paystack or flutterwave are literally unknown. Doing so will boost your app to be an instant hit and a game changer.

    Anonymous Tiffany
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  6. Product Image & Image SEO

    We are using 1080 x 1080 Images but still it looks blur and while upload it is also not showing skip crop options and we had to crop all manually and which is not perfect. Also when you upload image, it renames the image and loosing on image SEO, We worked a lot to name the images and unfortunately it is changing the whole image name and making it unfriendly to SEO. Solution should be Use image i n square and skip crop Don't rename images Please check this :)

    Anonymous Bongo


  7. Automatic sync vepaar store with Facebook shop

    With this feature, we do not need to add product to our facebook shop. We can simply syncronize Vepaar store and Facebook. This can increase our revenue by selling at multiple place

    Ibrahim Y
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  8. Custom Fields in Customer profile

    Currently, there are specific fields for Customer Profile. If I want to add any new field then there is no option. Can we add a custom fields option?

    Kaushal Gajjar
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  9. Option to add VCF in QuickReply

    I believe this will be a great idea so that we can share our contact in VCF format and customers can easily save the contact with a click of a button.

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  10. Konnectzit, Pabbly Connect and Integrately Integration

    Please provide integration for both automation. konnectzit are one of appsumo lifetime. Also pabbly connect has their lifetime deal as well. If using both with combine with vepaar would be great.

    Anonymous Dodo
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  11. Bypass Credits for Login

    I think charging for an otp is quite expensive why not improve the login by making the customers register with the site with their email and password just like other sites does ..so the otp will be sent to their respective mails .. it's cheap and free too... because it doesn't make sense if a customer can't login if the owner of the site hasn't bought credit yet....... please change it thanks.

    Anonymous Dugong


  12. Dropshipping on vepaar would-be great

    Dropshipping would be good especially if the goods is not in possession of the vendor,that would help. And vendors will have alot of opportunity to sell different products to customers.

    Anonymous Sheep
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  13. POS system with barcode and scan feature

    If we can have a POS system with barcode and scan feature then it can make this a wonderful product and better comparable to Ecwid.

    Grand L
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  14. GDPR Compliant

    Compliance with the RGPD, so that the service is used by and for European users.

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  15. Add a referral system to the layout

    this will help in marketing the store as each new member generating a referral code can share their unique codes to friends and be rewarded for it.

    Anonymous Woodpecker
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